Mervue Laboratories – since 1986

At Mervue we have a genuine love for animals and want to see them healthy, happy and full of life. 

Mervue Laboratories has a devotion to growing people’s knowledge of animal nutrition and its benefits to the health and happiness of animals. This drove the establishment of Mervue Laboratories in 1986 and with over three decades of experience, Mervue is business with a passion for pet and equine health and family values at its heart.

Mervue Laboratories is a privately-owned Irish company established in Cork in 1986 to supply high-performance nutritional health products to Ireland and the global pet and equine market. We work with a team of Vets, Nutritionists and chemists dedicated to the science of nutrition-based health and performance. Formulating the highest quality nutritional products for Dogs, Cats and Horses, manufactured right here in Cork, Ireland.

We offer our customers a range of high-quality nutritional health products for the Horses, Cats and Dogs and are passionate about making animals healthier and happier by offering the best nutritional products so they can live their life to the fullest.

Our Values

Mervue is committed to using the science of nutrition to formulating and manufacturing the best quality nutritional Pet and Equine products. We are a company built on old school family values in combination with the latest research and development, with a passion for animal health. The Mervue Team and their passion and love of animals are the foundation of our success as we focus on improving the health and wellbeing of all animals.  Essentially, we are all about healthy and happy Horses, Cats and Dogs.

Mervue is an Irish business with generations of the family involved with a core purpose to maximise and promote the happiness and health of Dogs, Cats and horses.

Mervue Testing Policy

At Mervue we believe that pets and horses deserve the best and that is why we only produce products from the best possible ingredients at our state-of-the-art facility in Watergrasshill, Co. Cork, which have been tested to be safe and easy for you to give to your cat, dog or horse.

Since our foundation in 1986, quality ingredients combined with world-class research and development programmes have been at Mervue’s core. Mervue Laboratories have also adopted the highest quality manufacturing standards producing Mervue Equine products under BETA NOPS and GMP+ quality standards in Cork, Ireland.

The production process starts with the careful selection of raw materials to meet the specific requirements of the horse and our strict GMP+ feed standards under which we operate. Each Mervue Equine product must be in compliance with the highest European Quality Standards and this is carefully monitored in each phase of development and during the production process.

All Mervue Equine products are tested in the Forensic Laboratories, Newmarket, England to meet the current rules and regulations of the Jockey Club and FEI rules (at time of going to print). The laboratory checks that the final Mervue Equine product is free from natural contaminants for which vigilance must be maximum because of their possible presence in feed ingredients.

We are also happy to confirm that all Mervue products are GMO-free and ethically tested.

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