Maintaining Horse Health and Performance

Most horses live largely healthy lives, with only a few minor incidences. However, an annual health check for your horse with your veterinary surgeon is extremely important, not only for routine procedures such as vaccination but also because it enables early detection of disease and chronic conditions such as stomach ulcers, cancer, liver disease and metabolic diseases and therefore increases the chances of a more favourable outcome. Horses have evolved to be grazing animals living in herds and domestication of horses may predispose them to conditions such as colic, stomach ulcers and behavioural abnormalities.  Feeding good quality feed and maintaining a fresh water supply is essential. Feeding a probiotic such as PROBIO FORTE and/or a prebiotic as found in EQUIBOOST helps to maintain good intestinal health and may be particularly beneficial during stressful periods. Feeding with vitamins and minerals using EQUIBOOST as a foundation supplement will help to fully supplement horses that have intermittent appetites or are prone to stress and reduced appetite. Common conditions affecting horses:
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