CHALLENGE: Intestinal changes (Leisure Horse or Hack)

Due to the advances in managing the wellbeing of horses. Many hacks and leisure horses may be of advanced years. With age come challenges, not least arthritis, poor dentition and reduced appetite which can affect food intake in the older horse.  While little work has been specifically conducted in horses, in humans there are established age-related changes that are observed in intestinal function. These include increased susceptibility to gut infections and inflammation and impaired absorption and gastrointestinal motility.


PRO-BIO EQUINE (paste) and PRO-BIO FORTE (powder) contain a live probiotic yeast called Saccharomyces. Yeast probiotic has also been shown to benefit the intestinal microbial population and to improve the digestibility of food in horses. The B vitamins included in PRO-BIO EQUINE and PRO-BIO FORTE support the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to produce energy and vitamins E and C are potent antioxidants which help to protect the intestinal wall from damage caused by bad bacteria in cases of intestinal dysbiosis. PRO-BIO EQUINE and PRO-BIO FORTE contain threonine which is the main component of the mucous lining the intestinal tract and protecting the intestinal cells from damage from bad bacteria or toxins.

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