HoofPak – 2kg


Complete supplement supplying key nutrients to support optimal growth, repair and integrity of the hoof.


A complete hoof supplement containing all key nutrients required to nourish tissues and structures of the hoof wall and increasing hoof growth and regeneration.

Features and Benefits :

  • Contains 50mg of biotin per daily dose. Biotin forms the bonds that supports hoof growth, flexibility and integrity.
  • Methionine is a precursor of cysteine which accounts for ¼ of the amino acids in keratin and this key ingredient gives the hoof wall strength.
  • Improves hoof growth and integrity.
  • Supports regeneration and repair of damaged hoof.
  • Reduced lameness.




Feeding Information

Feeding & Use:

1 levelled scoop = 25 g
Adult horses: Feed 20 g per day.
Ponies and foals: Feed 20 g every second day.

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