Iron Booster 2.5L



Iron Booster- Oral chelated iron supplement

  • Iron Booster is to be routinely fed prior to races or competition to assist maximum levels of essential blood nutrients and oxygen needed by horses and ponies. Iron Booster also promotes a healthy appetite.
  • Iron Booster contains MAAC to ensure a high level of bio-availability. Iron Metalosates are metal amino acid chelates. Iron in this form is better protected against adverse interactions in the gut and more available to the horse and pony. Much of the iron found in soil and herbage is oxidised and unavailable to the animal. High intakes of manganese will also block iron absorption.
  • Iron Booster also includes members of the water soluble vitamin B complex, which are not stored in the horse in appreciable amounts and a regular exogenous supply is essential.


Iron Booster supports:

– The prevention of anaemia. B Vitamins in conjunction with Iron are needed for red blood cell synthesis.
– Good digestive activity.
– All horses in training and those recovering from post antibiotic treatment




Feeding Information

Horses in training: Feed 60ml daily

Foals and Yearlings: Feed 30ml daily

Horse recovering from anaemia: Feed 60ml daily

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available

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