Nutrafix – 2.5L


Supporting Lactic Acid Metabolism


Citrate based buffer for “tying up”

Accumulation of lactic acid in the blood & muscles may cause muscle stiffness, muscle cramping (stiffness) and damage to the muscle fibres.

Lactic Acid build up prevents muscles from operating normally during exercise.

Symptoms of ‘tying up’ include:

✓Short strides and general discomfort

✓ Reluctance or refusal to move

✓Severe contraction or spasm of the large muscles in the horse’s hindquarters or back

✓ Sweating and anxiety

✓Increased respiration, pulse rate and anxiety

✓ In severe cases, the muscle protein myoglobin leaks into the bloodstream, staining the urine brown or red

Feeding Information

  • Nutra-Fix should be added to the normal feed.
  • Horses in training: 90ml per day in evening feed
  • After competition or hard work: Feed 120ml
  • A pump is supplied which dispenses 30ml
  • Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available
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