Super Calm – 60ml


Oral Paste For Nervous Horses – Reduce stress at times of Excitement & Anticipation


SuperCalm is formulated for horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines to reduce stress at times of excitement and anticipation.

Helping to calm the horses, naturally, nutritionally & legally.

Causes of agitation and nervousness:


✓ Strange places

✓Unfamiliar race tracks

✓Unfamiliar competition venues

✓Unusual crowds

✓ Noise


Feeding Information

  • Adult Horses: Feed 60ml approximately 1-2 hours prior to training or a particular event. Repeat as required.
  • Smaller Horses, Ponies & Foals: Feed 15 to 30ml approximately 2 hours prior to training or a particular event (or as directed by your nutritionist or veterinary surgeon).

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available.

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